Service – Filters (OIL and Air)

Me again 😀

if you read my last post you will know we were talking about services, if you didn’t read my last post you can find it here HERE read it at some point 🙂

so last time we spoke about oil, this time lets cover filters. you have 4 different filters with different jobs, we will probably just talk about oil and air at the moment and revisit fuel and pollen/ cabin filters another time so you don’t get bored


Basically an oil filter does what it says on the tin, it filters your oil. Surprised faces all over the nation right now i know.

i can tell that the suspense is killing you and you have leaped off your chair screaming at the screen:

“what is it filtering out? “

relax, calm down and ill tell you….

okay, you calm now?


Your engine is subject to wear and tear, over time little pieces of metal flake off and fall in to your oil. without a filter these pieces will keep going around your engine scratching and scoring, taking more and more peaces of metal with it. That is why the filter is there; to keep your engine from dying basically.

but why do we change it?  

each filter has a cosmetic difference. look, ill show you:

Image result for different oil filters

you have a spin on type (black and blue ones ) and an element type (the one that looks like a hoover filter). they come in different sizes, colours and brands. Essentially they are all a bit of paper with very small holes, so small you cant see them with your eyes.

when those nasty metal fragments are caught by the filter, those holes can get blocked, restricting the flow of oil and as mentioned in my last post, an engine that hasn’t got the right amought of oil or in this case “flowing” oil, problems happen.

again these vary in price like the oil

ill show you…..

This is a Crosland filter it comes in at £5.26. cheap, i know….

This is a Mann Filter it comes in at £6.59…

there is not much of a price difference, but there is one.. and why?

 there isn’t much wrong with the crosland one, however its the budget one its not OE spec, so some times it has sealing issues or the holes in the paper inside are too small or too big and can cause problems. The Mann filter on the other hand is made to the same spec as the one it came out the factory with. It has the right fit, the right size holes, the right everything. This is the one i would recommend.

You can get a high performance option out of K&N but it will cost, twice the price of the Mann Filter and do just the same job so there’s no point paying extra.


now its time for air filters….

Air filter time; yay!

For your engine to run it relies on an explosion – both diesel and petrol engines.

Its like that fire triangle… for your engine to run you need fuel, oxygen, heat or ignition

so your engine needs air to work but……

why dose it need to be filtered ? and what does it filter ?

so you drive in to hundreds of bugs a day some of you even more. You even suck up leaves, twigs and even the odd fag end. Now if this finds its way in to your engine there will be big, big problems….new engine, thousands of pounds worth of repairs….. for the sake of a twig ?

so same principle as the oil filter its a folded piece of paper with holes in, that allow air flow and not much else. again you can get different shapes, sizes, and brands.Image result for different types of air filters for cars

They also have the same reason for needing to be changed, sticks, leaves, bugs and dust clog up the holes restricting the airflow.

Air filters comes in different prices like the oil filters and the principles are the same, cheap Crosland filters are okay but Mann Filters are the better option. things are a little different here though…. K&N filters are pretty good i wouldn’t go all out on a cone, a panel filter will do just fine, another plus is that they are washable so you dont need to buy a new one every service.





















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