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That little spanner has appeared on your dash again huh?

so you start ringing around for a service finding prices in the region of £200 and some times even more (for a full service). So your probably thinking;

Why so much?

Is it really needed ?

There are quite a few factors to consider when answering these questions. So I want to break it down in to a few categories, starting with….


What is oil?

Oil is a lubricant, there are things moving inside your engine and are getting hot while rubbing against each other. When this happens they can one, melt and stick together seizing the engine or two, damage the components giving your engine an early death 😦

unrepairable damage can be caused in an engine if it is run with no oil, incorrect oil or not the correct amount of oil. So oil puts a layer of lubricant on these components to keep them from getting damaged.

What oil does your car need ?

In your local shop you will see that oil has a load of funny numbers on them:

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ARGH what dose it all mean? What is 0w30, 5w30 or 0w-40 ? (note you will find more numbers depending on where you live).

Oil has what is call a viscosity, which is basically a posh word for wetness. So like I said there are moving parts, these moving parts need to be close enough together that they’re attached and far enough apart that they’re not touching…… I know I know but bear with me here:

Oil creates a buffer between the 2 surfaces but the gap is very small, so this is where the oil fairys work they’re magic. Some manufacturers make they’re gaps different sizes, so different engines need different oils with different wetness levels….. wait.. I know your moving your mouse closer to the back button but give me some more of your time you wont regret it!!

So this is why there are different types of oil and the different numbers are because of running temperature of your engine 10w (10winter) up to 30, just like cooking oil is thicker when cold than it is when hot.. changing the wetness. So we know that we cant just put any oil in your car it has to be the correct one.

If you are unsure what oil to use get in touch and we will help you out!


so take a look at these photos

Triple QX oil from Euro car parts is £31.29 for 5L of oil

 or Mobil Super 3000 oil also from euro car parts for £46.99 per 5L of oil

Why the price difference? are you just paying for a name ?

Now some people will say that they’re all the same and some will say they’re not. In my opinion and its just my opinion, There is an “it will do option” and a “best” option. With good oil like Mobil or shell they have added stabilisers and things to keep your engine in top notch condition. This is proven in they’re research departments carrying out engine rebuild after engine rebuild to examine for damage or distortion. making it ideal for  prolonged heat and oil changes. but the cheaper ones like triple QX or Halfords or Tesco brand ones will do its job but will require more regular changes to protect your engine.

back to the questions

why so expensive?

your car might require a special oil, taking the cost up. with oil alone your bill is around £50

is it needed ?

on an oil front absolutely yes!! 100%. Just to keep things moving smoother for longer.


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