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Month of Brakes- ABS

Hey there!!

so its still month of brakes and as your could probably tell from my last post I’m running out of simple things to talk about brakes.

but them wham, out of the blue I got my self a “troll” on Facebook complaining about one of my posts. So basically, to give you a little info on me. Am I a mechanic? … yes! Do I own my own vehicle repair business?… yes! so am I out to make money? …. yes. but here is where I differ from other garages. yes I have bills to pay and kids to feed but I know how hard times can be some times. my posts are not solely designed to get customers or advertise my business. I also want to help you guys out i’ve been there, your car needs fixing, when you get the money for it  your child needs a new pair of shoes or there’s a school trip. this always happens and some people simply cant afford to get their car fixed. so my posts are there to show you how to check if your brakes are making a certain noise, then odds are its xyz. then you can go to the motor factors and pick up the parts and do it…why pay me labour when you can do it yourself.

one of my recent posts got some attention because I encouraged you to fix it your self but on the post was an ABS light / symbol. To be fair to these people if you have an ABS light on, take it to a professional. I thought I best write a blog to tell you what ABS is and really just to clear up that if you don’t no what your doing leave your ABS alone.

Image result for abs warning light

so what is ABS ?

ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System is an electronic control over your brakes.

you have a road speed sensor that is a glorified stop watch basically all it does is tell the computer how fast the wheel is going.

scenario: you’re driving down a lane and a sheep jumps out of no where, instinctively you slam on your brake but just before you, a farmer drove past with muddy wheels now there is mud all over the road.

if your in a non ABS  car, your wheels will lock up. there’s no friction on the road so you slide in to a hedge/ tree/ field/ sheep

where as if you are driving a car with ABS the road speed sensor picks up that one wheel or all wheels have stopped moving. the valves then, in the brake line go in to panic stations and have a fight with your brake fluid. naturally the valve wins and the brakes are released and then reapplied. the sensor then rechecks the wheel speed and dose this until you come to a stop or the threat of skidding is over.

that is a very simple over view. when your ABS light comes on it means that the ABS has been deactivated for some reason. The ABS light comes on whenever there is a fault in the anti-lock braking system in a vehicle. The fault can be a low amount of fluid in the ABS reservoir to an electrical malfunction in the wheel speed sensor, control unit or the pump, but regular braking function is unaffected. so you can brake normal under normal conditions but if you slam on your brakes on a slippery surface you will skid.

not to scare you but like I said any ABS faults should be checked my someone with the right equipment and who knows how to use it. feel free to message us on for any further advice  



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