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Brake Month – Brake Noise

Okay so we are continuing down the brake route until April when we enter in to a brand new topic ūüôā

this week is

Brake Noise

okay first! If your brakes are making a noise, any at all, go get them checked out they’re not meant to make noises.

Those of you who haven’t experienced brake noise may be thinking “what’s this¬†numpty talking about why would my brakes make a noise?”¬† well what a good question!!

 So theres a number of reasons why your brakes may be noisy. Most of these are covered in a video I found on YouTube and posted it on our Facebook page earlier this week. ( okay its not my lovely self and its a little long (15mins) but it also covers fixes so its well worth the watch so head over and take a look ( )

Right for those of you who are not following a blog to watch video here are a few reasons why you would have noises ….. I understand that this may get boring so iv added a few photos to distract you!

1) Wear Indicators

¬†so those of you (my self included) who do not have fancy electronic wear indicators, we have prehistoric/more reliable mechanical wear indicators. these are basically a¬†little bit of metal that sticks out of your brake pad. when your brake pad runs low these little bits of metal rub against the disc causing an annoying noise to let you know its time to change them. if you have electronic wear indicators the light just comes on the dash….

Related image

2) Brake Wear

Okay going back to number one. not all cars have wear indicators some so you just get the grinding noise you get when all the friction material has been worn off and your just rubbing two pieces of metal together. got a scary grinding/ grumbling noise ? its most likely this!

Image result for worn out brake pads

3) Dust plate / cover / shield

The dust plate is just that its a metal plate that sits behind your disc. the reason for this is to prevent road debris, oil or grease compromising your brakes. it being a thin bit of metal and being down by the wheel where its subject to dirt, water, ice, so on and so forth make the go to metal heaven leaving flimsy shards to press against your disc.

also those annoying¬†speed bumps (you know the ones I’m talking about) and¬†stupid pot¬†holes, lazy mechanics and just about anything ¬†can cause it to bend and press against the disc.

Image result for rusty brake dust plate

Bonus Alert!! Bonus Alert!!

4) gentle braking

this right here is a gift to those who of you that are committed enough to still be reading this!

right bear with me hear¬†i know what your thinking “gentle braking ? is this guy high ?” truth is no I’m not high!

and yes gentle braking leads to brake noise look at this brake pad below

Image result for brand new brake pad

look closely and you will see some different colour flex… these are metal brakes. there designed to rough up the brake surface¬†increasing the friction levels (Smart i know) but basically when you brake gently this does not¬†happen¬†they just glide across each other polishing up the brake surface. when you rub two polished surfaces together what do you get ? a squeaking noise…..and an annoying one at that!! this one isn’t in the video so you are welcome!!

5) Drum Brakes (Just For Good Measure)

most new cars are now being fitted with rear disc brakes but there are still cars out there with drums on the back. you more than likely to have them on your car in fairness

so¬†drum brakes have a few reasons to¬†make noise so I’m just going to cover them all here

there are contact areas where the shoes make contact, use a very small amount of lube on these points just to let it  slide noise free back and forth. same as disc they grind or rumble when friction material is running low. once I had a car with a grinding noise and it was because where the shoe securing pin had pulled through the baking plate and was running against the drum and finally, people often confuse rear bearing noise with brake noises but its not and its brake month so we will leave that there!!!

Image result for drum brakes

right so to some things up if your brakes are making a noise check them over or have them checked. I advise the 12/12 rule. If you have had them for 12 months or 12,000 miles get them checked, keep safe people, keep your brakes in check.


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