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Brake Month….Service

Image may contain: 2 people, close-upHi there I’m Elliott (the male on the right of the photo on your left), I’m the owner of Ells Auto Care!! I’m going to write a blog at a later date introducing my self with the “boring this is my experience levels bla bla bla” that I’m sure you all want to waste your time reading. I thought id add a photo of my beautiful wife just to make this remotely interesting haha.

So this month is……

brake month yay!!

What is brake month you ask? So basically, I tend to share any old rubbish that I see on Facebook or the web that’s car related, and I think is cool, but they’re a little all over the place. So this month to make them a little more focused, I’m only posting brake related stuff on our page ( So this weeks topic is brake services.

So i’ve worked in a number of garages, and the normal routine to is take everything off, clean away the rust and put everything back on. Which is good and does the job! Its also one of those jobs that’s usually passed off to the lower skilled, lower experienced mechanic in the garage, so that the bright sparks could get stuck in to the more challenging jobs. The thing with brakes is they’re easy to change. You can go take a look and work it out in no time. But, you do it wrong and your car simply wont stop!!

So if you can just get them changed no problem, what’s the point of a service? Brakes are meant to wear down, that’s what they’re designed to do, but there are moving parts. If these moving parts get to corroded they can seize and stick on or off and wear down twice as fast. Meaning in the time they should last, you’ve changed them twice or they get seized off of the disc or braking surface, meaning you have to use more effort to get less braking. You wont know any of this till you take it to the garage to have them changed and they’re seized and your repair bill starts climbing.

So we say, why not service them like you do your engine? So today I went down to the customers house, after being told their car wasn’t braking quite right. I took all the braking components off and gave them all a good clean, re-greased the slide pins with proper red rubber grease, cleaned up all the hardware there and re lubricated the calliper runners using a ceramic paste and everything is now running fine again before to much damage was done!!Image may contain: outdoor

Here is a link to a video showing you the difference you should definitely watch it!!

moral of the story; if you keep an eye on your brakes they will 1) keep you alive and 2) save you money.

So Ells Auto Care is offering a full brake service on all 4 wheels for just £50 + parts IF Needed.




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